How to highlight your auction

How to highlight your auction

November 25, 2021


First off: this is a paid service, designed for high value auctions with expensive characters and/or rare items. Highlighting your auction on Exevo Pan will give you more exposure, more bids and a higher selling price. This is also a great way to auction rare items without risking to sell it for an undervalued price.

Our website currently gets over 2.000+ daily views, so your auction will be seen by a lot of players.

A powerful character
Highlighted auctions will be pinned in our front page

How can I highlight my auction?

  1. Go to the advertise section
  2. Find your auction
  3. Select the days you want to highlight your auction
  4. Choose your payment method and fill in your personal information
  5. Submit your payment

As soon as we confirm your payment, your auction will be highlighted 😄

Why should I highlight my auction?

Since most of the bids only happen at the last few minutes of the auction, there is only a small window of time for the actual price discovery of your auction. Due to bad timing, you risk selling your character for a really low price. Highlighting your auction is a way to mitigate the luck factor and achieve a fair selling price. More players bidding against each other for your character can leverage your final price a lot.

A character being sold really cheap
This character was sold for 57 TC, really unlucky

How long does it take to confirm my payment?

After your payment is confirmed, it should take no more than 10 minutes for your auction to be highlighted on our frontpage.

What happens if my auction doesn't get highlighted?

If something fails on our platform, we will refund you up to 100% of your order.

No. Every selected day counts from start to finish (i.e., from 00:00 until 23:59)

Is there a support contact if something goes wrong?

Yes, you can email me at