About us

About us

August 19, 2021

Exevo Pan

Our goal is to help the Tibia community to grow, providing useful tools with the best user experience possible. This is a long-term project and we have many more features in our roadmap! 😄

This website is 100% free, open-source and unlicensed. This means that not only you can contribute or fork this project, but we encourage you to do so. You can start in the official GitHub repository.

About me

My name is Alexandre Regali Seleghim, I'm a front-end developer based in Brazil. My main interests orbits around web applications, UI/UX and design.

My character nickname is Ksu. Though I don't play the game much anymore, eventually you may find me online as a rare boss spawn 😋.



Tibia is a game made by Cipsoft. All assets presented in this website are copyrighted by them and I don't own any of it.

Most of the data in this application used the official Tibia website as a source of truth. Despite of that, we can't guarantee that they are completely accurate and/or up-to-date.

We promote that Tibia should be played in a fair and healthy manner. That means we are against cheating, real life harassment and anti-sportsmanship behavior.

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