Exevo Pan update: Boss hunting groups

Exevo Pan update: Boss hunting groups

March 09, 2023


We are very excited to release a brand new feature: Boss hunting groups 🏹

For completionists, the Bosstiary has been a great new addition to Tibia. But, as in many other aspects of the game, solo players have been struggling with it. You won't go very far if you're trying to complete bosstiary entries checking every spawn by yourself, even with the help of our Boss Tracker.

That's why we are now introducing Boss hunting groups. This will help players that want to find a new circle of friends to cooperate and hunt bosses together.

An example of a boss hunting group

Already established boss hunting groups will also benefit from our notification system 📣 that allows you to notificate every member of the group whenever you find a cool boss. Also, your group will be able to better coordinate and avoid redundant boss checks with our checking system ✔️.

Just make sure you don't exevo gran mas flam any Yetis before your teammates arrive 😅

Hunting groups checking system
A push notification saying that a Yeti has been found
The notification pop-up will look different depending on your device/operational system

As always, we are listening to every feedback. Feel free to suggest any new improvements ideas 😄

How does the notification system work?

Boss notifications will be immediately sent to every device (PC/Mobile) that you register to our app. You can check your registration status and test if your device is receiving notifications correctly in the Settings menu. Our website uses Web Push Notifications, so make sure your device supports it. Mac/iOS/Safari users might not have notifications enabled by default, since only recently Apple started supporting this API.

Can I turn off notifications for specific bosses?

Yes, you will be able to have a very granular control over the notifications that you want to receive. You can disable notifications for specific bosses, or even turn off all notifications at once. Don't worry about waking up in the middle of the night just because your friend found a Grorlam 🗿

Boss hunting group settings menu

How can I customize my hunting group?

You can customize your group name, publish a public description of it, or even share a private internal message board that's visible only for members. The group avatar will be randomly generated, but you can always roll for a new one 🎲

A group can also be private. A private group can be found by other users, but its members will be hidden from the public. This feature will only be available for hunting groups that have at least one Exevo Pro member.

Group management tools will also be available. The Admin will be able to promote members to Moderator status. Moderators will have the same privileges as the admin (editing group information, kicking members, approving/rejecting applications, etc), with the exception of managing other member's roles.

If any member starts fooling around sending fake boss notifications, it's the admin/moderators job to kick him out of the group 🔨

How can I delete a hunting group?

Once every member has left the group (or was kicked), including yourself, the group will be disbanded.

Are there any limits to this feature?

As of now, no. You can create/join as many groups as you want. Notifications can also be sent without restrictions. Of course, if any abuse starts to happen to our services, we might have to curb the vandalism by setting some limits.

Also, be responsible about the content posted to our website. We don't plan to be moderating stuff around here, but some content won't be tolerated (illegal stuff, for example)

Can I use hunting groups for other things?

Feel free to use it however you like. If we notice that people are using boss hunting groups for other purposes (finding team for bosses, hunting parties, etc), we will take this as an opportunity to expand with new features that better suit these use cases 🚀

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