Which charms are the best for each vocation?

Which charms are the best for each vocation?

February 04, 2022


Choosing charms is always a tough decision. Since completing bestiaries for charm points is not much of a fun grind, you have to choose wisely how to spend them. If you don't, you might suffer from your bad decisions in the long term.

Every charm is good, but some are more important than the others. This is the case from both a generalist and a niche perspective.

This article will help you to plan ahead which charms you should be prioritizing 🧙

Divine WrathDivine Wrath7,34%
Adrenaline BurstAdrenaline Burst5,78%
Low BlowLow Blow5,22%
Void's CallVoid's Call0,19%
Vampiric EmbraceVampiric Embrace0,15%
These frequencies were analyzed across over 200.000+ characters from our Char Bazaar history database. Only characters with at least 1 charm were considered

Elemental charms

Elemental damage in Tibia isn't completely balanced like rock paper scissors. You can argue that some elements are better than others, but the best elements will always be shifting as the meta changes with new updates.

If you're looking for bonus elemental damage, FreezeFreeze and ZapZap are excellent overall choices. This is because ice and energy have been historically good against most relevant creatures. If you are not planning on hunting some specific creatures in the long term, you can't go wrong with them.

Another great pick is WoundWound. Not only physical damage is neutral against most of the game creatures, but this charm is also really cheap, costing only 600 points. The only drawback is that you will be using it mostly for the bonus damage itself, not the bonus elemental damage.

The other charms have more expressive downsides, which explains their lower popularity. They will depend heavily on your vocation (as we will discuss later) and the type of creatures you will be hunting:

  • Divine WrathDivine Wrath is amazing, but 1500 points is an extremely expensive investment
  • EnflameEnflame, PoisonPoison and CurseCurse are good, but for a smaller set of creatures

Defensive charms

Arguably the best charm in the game is DodgeDodge:

  • Super cheap (600 points)
  • Useful under any circumstance
  • Gives your a faster progression

The main point of it is enabling your character to hunt in harder places earlier. This charm can really make the difference, especially for lower levels. The only disadvantage is that it's utility scales backwards as your character gets stronger, but later in the game you will have more charm options to use anyway.

ParryParry can be good, but only against creatures that have:

  • High damage AND low HP (since it scales with the creature's damage and not with their HP)
  • Several elemental resistances (because the reflected damage ignores them)

The most classic examples of this are: Frazzlemaw, Dark Torturer and Grimeleech

Low Blow

To benefit the most from this charm you must be using the Powerful Strike imbuement. Low Blow will then increase your critical hit chance from 10% to 18%.

In order to decide if Low BlowLow Blow is good against a particular creature, you need to compare it's damage against an elemental charm. Since it boils down to a mathematical problem, we prepared a calculator to help you find out which one would be better:

Low Blow + 10% critical chance
Final average damage:
Low Blow545
Elemental charm
Final average damage:
Elemental charm510

A few other points that you should consider about Low Blow:

  • It affects your mana/life leech
  • Scales with your character's damage output
  • A critical proc will affect all of the other monsters (that you have the Low Blow binded) that were hit

Utility and passive charms

Vampiric EmbraceVampiric Embrace and Void's CallVoid's Call are both really expensive, costing 1500 points each. Even so, they bring very little benefit if compared with other more popular charms. Unless Cipsoft buffs their life and mana leech %'s, they should be avoided as noobtraps.

Still, Cipsoft should be careful about buffing those charms: a slight buff could overtune their numbers and they would then become overpowered for super high level characters.

Underrated by many players, Adrenaline BurstAdrenaline Burst can actually be great in some situations. The speed increase lasts 10 seconds (twice as long as utani tempo hur) and this can help you a lot when moving between boxes in a hunt. Just make sure you use it against creatures that spawns in low quantities (like Frost Flower Asura at Asura Palace or Arachnophobica at Winter/Summer courts)

It also can be useful in PvP situations and/or running around dangerous places. CrippleCripple, NumbNumb and CleanseCleanse were also supposed to fill this role, but it's hard to recommend these charms to anyone. Their effects are neglectable, to say the least.

Players that are heavily interested in farming can make use of GutGut. Since skinning is an outdated and inconvenient game mechanic, ScavengeScavenge is the second least popular charm of all.

The actual least popular charm of all is BlessBless. This one is useless for practically all cases and we don't recommend anyone to use it all.

General charm progression for each vocation

We crunched down some numbers from or own Char Bazaar database and managed to find a general trend for the order that each vocation acquired their charms:

Charms for Knights

  1. DodgeDodge
  2. WoundWound or ParryParry
  3. FreezeFreeze
  4. ZapZap
  5. A few other elemental charms
  6. Low BlowLow Blow and/or Divine WrathDivine Wrath
Low BlowLow Blow4,91%
Adrenaline BurstAdrenaline Burst4,23%
Divine WrathDivine Wrath4,09%
We couldn't find any trend for: Gut, Cripple, Numb, Cleanse, Vampiric Embrace, Void's Call, Scavenge and Bless

Charms for Paladins

  1. DodgeDodge and/or WoundWound
  2. FreezeFreeze
  3. ZapZap

Then, two paths options were observed:

  • A few other elemental charms, then go for Low BlowLow Blow or Divine WrathDivine Wrath


  • Divine WrathDivine Wrath and then Low BlowLow Blow
Divine WrathDivine Wrath8,55%
Low BlowLow Blow6,74%
Adrenaline BurstAdrenaline Burst6,49%
We couldn't find any trend for: Gut, Cripple, Numb, Cleanse, Vampiric Embrace, Void's Call, Scavenge and Bless

Charms for Sorcerers

  1. FreezeFreeze and/or ZapZap
  2. WoundWound
  3. DodgeDodge and/or a few other elemental charms
  4. Divine WrathDivine Wrath
Divine WrathDivine Wrath7,35%
Adrenaline BurstAdrenaline Burst5,95%
Low BlowLow Blow4,80%
We couldn't find any trend for: Parry, Gut, Cripple, Numb, Cleanse, Vampiric Embrace, Void's Call, Scavenge and Bless

Charms for Druids

  1. FreezeFreeze and/or ZapZap
  2. WoundWound and/or a few other elemental charms
  3. DodgeDodge or Divine WrathDivine Wrath
Divine WrathDivine Wrath9,95%
Adrenaline BurstAdrenaline Burst6,70%
Low BlowLow Blow4,07%
We couldn't find any trend for: Parry, Gut, Cripple, Numb, Cleanse, Vampiric Embrace, Void's Call, Scavenge and Bless

What about charms in Rookgaard?

Normally, you wouldn't be able to unlock a charm in Rookgaard. If you completed all the bestiaries available on the island, you would then have only 196 points, which is not nearly enough.

Still, we found out 26 rookstayers auctioned in the Char Bazaar that had charms unlocked. Those charms were obtained in mainland, and then those characters were sent back to Rookgaard (on purpose or not 😛).

  • 25 out of those 26 had Adrenaline BurstAdrenaline Burst, which seems to give rookstayers the best utility.
  • 5 characters had GutGut, which is used to get minotaur leathers, chicken feathers, etc.

The other charms were mostly elemental charms. The maximum theoretical hit using them in Rookgaard would be 6, with either ice, earth or death:

A minotaur being hit by 6 ice damage
Rookstayers can have fun with charms too


Before we finish, let's just remind you that we didn't cover some other really important aspects such as your playstyle:

  • Do you focus on loot or XP?
  • Are you more safe or aggressive?
  • Do you prefer solo or party hunts?

Those should always be factored in before deciding which charm to acquire! All we did here was analyze data from the Char Bazaar and try to figure out some trends and statistics about charms.

We hope this article was helpful and see you next time! 🧙