What's the difference between Green and Yellow BattlEye servers?

What's the difference between Green and Yellow BattlEye servers?

December 25, 2022


A lot of Tibia players have no clue about what the heck is "green" or "yellow" BattlEye servers. In this post we are going to talk about:

  • The practical difference between GreenGreen and YellowYellow BattlEye servers
  • Why Cipsoft created this distinction
  • Does it still make sense for "green" and "yellow" servers to exist?

The practical difference between Green and Yellow BattlEye servers

TransfersCan be transferred to both greengreen and yellowyellow serversCan only be transferred to other yellowyellow servers
EconomyEverything is more expensiveEverything is cheaper
PopulationLess players in generalMore players in general
RaresRares are more scarceBigger market for rares, with old and unobtainable items

Creating a character in a yellowyellow server means it will be locked for transfers only to other yellow[object Object] servers. A character created on a greengreen server is transferable for both type of servers, but it is advisable for you to never transfer it to a yellow server, since it will devalue your character once it becomes untransferable for greengreen servers!

Items and characters on green[object Object] servers are way more expensive than in yellowyellow. On the brightside, this give players a higher sense of value for everything. This also means that greengreen servers are better for farming Tibia Coins.

Since yellowyellow servers are older and have less transfer restrictions, its community tends to be bigger. This is great if you're interested in finding a team or joining a guild. Because of that, bosses and services are done way more often too. This is great, but remember that it also means that hunting spots will be more crowded as well.

Overall, yellow[object Object] servers have a better market for rares. Not only do they have better liquidity there, but it also has some old and unobtainable rares (like Golden Helmets, Chayenne's Magical Keys, Broken Amulets, etc). Green servers were implemented on 2017, and because of the transfer restrictions, these items only exists in yellow[object Object] servers.

Why Cipsoft created the green/yellow server distinction

Back in 2007, Tibia was at its peak. To this date, the highest online player count happened on the first Double Experience event, which was a compensation for the frequent DDoS attacks that used to happen at that time.

Overall Maximum: 64,028 players (on Nov 28 2007, 19:26:00 CET)

But if you played Tibia back then, you'll know that a huge portion of these players weren't actually human. Aside from the DDoS attacks, Tibia was also facing another monstrous problem: botting.

Old Tibia login screen and TibiaBot NG
TibiaBot NG was one of the most popular bots at that time

Bots were everywhere. They were so ubiquitous that almost every hunting place in the game (which there weren't too many in the old days) had someone botting in it. Many honest players would simply give up trying to find somewhere to hunt, and that completely ruined the game for them. Caves were so infested with bots that it was common to see robots bugging each other and competing for monsters in the same spawn. Ironically, this even ruined the game experience for cheaters ๐Ÿคก

The online player count was high, but the general sentient was that the game was dying. Paradoxically, many players hypothesized that if Cipsoft simply tried to ban all botters, that would then destroy their profits (because botters were also customers) and that also could lead to the end of Tibia.

Cave botting scripts for popular hunting grounds on Tibia
Cave botting scripts for popular hunting grounds

10 years later, on March 21, 2017, Cipsoft started to integrate the BattlEye anti-cheating software to the game. This ultimately solved the botting problem. Yes, there are still lots of cheaters nowadays, but nothing compared to what it was like back then.

But all those years of rampant botting made Cipsoft worried about the game economy. Although every server was now protected against bots, they didn't want all of the unfairly farmed gold to contaminate new servers. They would then come up with the Green and Yellow system:

  • YellowYellow servers existed before the BattlEye protection, meaning that they possibly had massive amounts of gold obtained by botting
  • GreenGreen servers were launched only after the BattlEye protection. Alongside with the transfer restrictions, this would assure that no cheated gold was introduced to their economy

But does it still make sense for 'green' and 'yellow' servers to exist?

Definitely not. After many years, the game has gone through some heavy power creeping, and players nowadays have been farming gold a few orders of magnitude more than in the past. A decade of bots farming Rotworms and Coryms isn't really that relevant anymore.

The "green" and "yellow" system just confuses new players adding more restrictions and more complexity to an already complex game. Our guess is that Cipsoft already knows that and there is a decent chance that they might just drop it in the future ๐Ÿ™

If you're still not sure about whether to create your character in a green or yellow server, our advice is that you shouldn't think too much about it. At the end of the day, just accept their practical differences and have fun playing the game ๐Ÿ˜„

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